Beautiful Sarah Lilly from New Zealand has tried NATURIGIN 4.0 Brown to colour her hair and says she’ll never switch back to another brand. This is her natural hair colour review.

When I started my natural beauty journey, the one beauty product I was concerned about finding a replacement for, was hair dye.  I did some research into natural alternatives and after ruling out henna (far too messy!) I came across NATURIGIN – a more natural alternative to mainstream hair dye.

My hair

I’ve been dying my hair for about two years now. I don’t do it all the often, maybe 3-4 times a year, and I dye it a colour that’s almost identical to my natural hair colour. My hair is naturally quite ashy, and it can make me look washed out in some lights, so I like to go for a similar colour but with warmer undertones. The good thing about this, is that I can go quite a few months in between dyes. I opted for the shade 4.0 Brown which looked the closest to my natural colour, but just a little warmer and darker.

The product

It’s really very easy to apply, although I did get my mum to give me some help as dying long hair is never the easiest! She found the product fairly easy to apply and to blend through the hair. We started with the roots and finished up on the ends and the whole dye application took around 10 minutes. One thing that is wonderful about this hair colour is that it doesn’t smell awful like most other brands. Hair dye usually smells like a mixture of harsh chemicals, and it’s scary to think that you are inhaling that as you dye your hair! The Naturigin colours has a very faint florally smell which is actually quite pleasant.  One other thing I really liked was that it didn’t irritate my scalp at all. When you have hair dye on your head you often know about it as the scalp feels a little irritated or tingly. The colour didn’t irritate my scalp at all, and it just felt like conditioner had been brushed through my hair.

Instead of the usual pools of brownish red dye that streams down the drain, this hair colour looks just like shampoo being washed away. It’s really so easy to rinse out and much more pleasant! After rinsing out the dye you simply follow up with the Colour Lock, a pale green gel that resembles a shampoo.

The result

I’m absolutely thrilled with how the colour turned out in my hair, and while it doesn’t look a lot different than before, it’s exactly the colour I wanted. The colour looks even and extremely natural, and my hair feels really healthy and soft. I’ve had a few people commenting on how this colour looks far more natural on me than the other dye I was using. 4.0 Brown is the absolutely perfect shade for me and I really can’t see myself going back to using any other brand now.

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