We have once again teamed up with @trinesblend, who has tried out our brand NEW Wake Up Curls series. Here is what she thinks:

“I especially love the type of products that are particularly good in between hair washes, as I wash my hair as little as possible with water.”

About our Wake Up Curl Spray she says: “it is perfect on the go when the curls need a little extra life”. The curl spray can be used just when you feel like it in both dry and damp hair. 

Trine highlights that our Wake Up Curl Cream is super good and moisturizing. She says: “I need a hairdresser big time, but even with my tired ends it manages to soften”.

Lastly, Trine has tried our Wake Up Curls Shampoo and Conditioner. In this regard, she emphasizes the fine certifications in terms of both the product itself and packaging.

Would you also like to try out our Wake Up Curls series and achieve beautiful results and irresistible curls like Trine? Go to our shop and check out the products. Under each product, you will also find detailed descriptions of the products’ contents and how to use them. 🍃

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