Hair Colour

Hair colour from NATURIGIN offers 20 unique and natural colours. Perfect for those who want to add depth and dimension to their hair.

Natural hair colours

Natural hair colours are products that contain ingredients derived from nature. These include plant-based preservatives and dyes that create beautiful and long-lasting hair colours without the use of harmful additives such as ammonia, parabens and SLS. This ensures you a gentle and sustainable hair colour.

There are many benefits to using natural hair colour. First of all, it helps to preserve your hair's natural moisture and oils, which saves you from dryness and scalp irritation. In addition, natural hair colour uses fewer chemical additives, which reduces the risk of allergic reactions.

Hair colour without ammonia and parabens

When you choose to use natural hair colours, you're also opting out of ammonia and parabens. But what does this mean for your hair? Permanent hair colours contain an ingredient that opens up the hair strands so the colour can penetrate it. Ammonia is often used for this purpose. However, ammonia is a very aggressive chemical that has an unpleasant odour, irritates the scalp and can strip moisture from the hair. It can also cause a strong allergic reaction. Parabens are used as a preservative to prevent bacterial and fungal growth in the product, but they are potential endocrine disruptors. Over time, these additives can harm both you and your hair.

In contrast, natural hair colours use organic extracts and natural oils that protect the hair during colouring and nourish your hair. Ammonia-free and paraben-free hair colours therefore preserve the health of your hair and scalp. However, in order to create a permanent hair colour, a substance must be used that can open the hair strand to make it receptive to the colour. At NATURIGIN, we have chosen to use a small amount of PPD, which makes it possible to open the hair strands so that the hair colour sticks and cannot be washed out of the hair. Fortunately, there are many regulations governing the use of PPD, which means that the amount of PPD used is approved and safe for you. To make our hair colours as gentle as possible, we've found the lowest possible amount of PPD that can open your hair strands and give the full effect of the colour.

Although you can safely use natural permanent hair colours without worrying about ammonia and parabens, some people may still have allergic reactions to certain natural ingredients and the small amount of PPD. Therefore, it's always a good idea to read the ingredient list carefully before using a new product. To minimise the risk of allergic reactions with our hair colours, we at NATURIGIN always recommend that you do a patch test of the colour before applying it to your hair. This way you can have peace of mind when using our hair colour.

Who can use natural hair colours?

Anyone can use it! Whether your hair is thick, thin or curly, you can use natural products to colour it. If you have exceptionally long and thick hair, it's a good idea to use two boxes for one colour. If you want to mask grey hair, permanent natural hair colours can also give you a beautiful result.

If you find that your hair is fragile and worn out, be careful about colouring it. Although natural hair colours have minimal chemical content and offer a gentle treatment, it's still important to strengthen your hair. To strengthen your hair before you colour it, introduce a mild shampoo and a moisturising conditioner to your hair routine. Next, you can also reduce the use of straighteners or curling irons to prevent heat damage to your hair. Finally, consider how you normally style your hair as some hairstyles, especially braids and ponytails, can result in breakage and wear and tear. We completely understand that loose hair can be annoying, especially in the summer, so an alternative is to create a loose updo and use soft elastics.

If you're pregnant and want to dye your hair a new colour or mask colour fading, you also need to be careful. We recommend that you do not colour your hair during pregnancy or breastfeeding. If you still want to colour your hair, you should consult your doctor.

Are all natural hair colours cruelty free?

No, they are not. If you are looking for a cruelty-free product, we recommend reading the packaging carefully before using it. It will clearly state whether the product has been tested on animals or not.

Whether the hair colour is cruelty-free also depends on where it is produced. In the EU, it is illegal to test cosmetic products on animals. Therefore, all beauty products produced in EU countries are cruelty-free. However, this is not a requirement in the US or Asia, which means that products exported to the EU can be tested on animals.

NATURIGIN has never tested our products on animals. We do not support animal testing.

Permanent hair colours from NATURIGIN

You might be left with the feeling that you don't know where to start. But at NATURIGIN we are always ready to help you! We offer 20 different natural hair colours made with certified organic ingredients that protect your hair during colouring. All our hair colours are permanent and easy to use.

Hair colours from NATURIGIN contain:

  • No ammonia
  • No parabens
  • No silicone
  • Covers 100% grey hair
  • 96.3% of ingredients are certified organic or of natural origin

If you need help choosing the right hair colour, you can always contact our customer service at We are ready to answer all questions about our hair colours and guide you to the right choice.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Permanent hair colours are, quite simply, permanent. This means that the colour doesn't fade or wash out with shampoo like rinse-out colours do.

Permanent colours provide an opaque and long-lasting result until the hair grows out again. A permanent hair colour needs to be touched up about every 6 to 8 weeks if you want to avoid visible roots. If you have a dark hair colour, we recommend using NATURIGIN’s Root Touch Up, which can cover up your roots and extend the life of your hair colour.

One box of NATURIGIN hair colour contains enough colour for most people's needs, but if you have exceptionally long and thick hair, it's a good idea to use two boxes for one colouring.

Hair colouring can usually lift 2-3 levels. For a good result, it is therefore important to choose a colour that stays within this range. If you want to make a more drastic change, such as going from brown to light blonde, we recommend going to the hairdresser - read more in our colour guide here.

Our hair colours have minimal chemical content (PPD) and are suitable for those who have experienced allergic reactions with other hair colours. However, some people may be allergic to certain ingredients in hair colour. Therefore, it's always a good idea to read the ingredient list carefully before using a new product. To minimise the risk of allergic reactions with our hair colours, we at NATURIGIN always recommend that you do a patch test of the colour before applying it to your hair. 

Generally, you can use NATURIGIN’s colours on dyed hair, as our hair colours are 100% opaque and permanent.

What you should be aware of, however, is that the outcome of a hair colour is generally affected by the colour the hair already has, and therefore the colour can change character depending on the starting point. The outcome is also affected by the amount of chemicals, if any, the previous colour contained.