Brown hair colour

NATURIGIN gives you brown hair colours without parabens and ammonia, based on organic ingredients. Achieve a complete result with fewer chemicals and enjoy your beautiful brown hair colour. Discover our brown hair colours here and choose the shade you want.

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Brown hair colour with natural ingredients

At NATURIGIN you'll find our 8 brown hair colours that are completely free from alcohol, ammonia and parabens. We've replaced most unwanted chemical additives with natural and certified organic ingredients that protect your hair during colouring while nourishing your hair. With our brown hair colours, you can say goodbye to the harsh ammonia smell and dry scalp and experience the joy of using a natural brown hair colour that embraces your hair.

Dreaming of a dark brown or light brown hair colour?

Brown is not just brown, so it can be difficult to find your new hair colour when there are different shades of brown to choose from. In our range of brown hair colours, we have everything from light brown hair colours to dark brown hair colours that are either neutral, warm or cool.

We know it can be difficult to navigate the undertones, especially since it's very different from brand to brand how their undertones work. That's why we'd like to go through our brown colours to help you figure out our dark or light brown colours.

Cool brown hair colour

Cool brown hair colours are popular for their sophisticated and elegant look, and we at NATURIGIN understand why. A cool brown is a completely unique colour, without the redness and copper tones that are most commonly found in brown hair colour. This makes the colour look natural, even if you have dyed your hair, as the cool element gives a more discreet hair colour that is not too vibrant.

At NATURIGIN, we have therefore developed our 5.2 Light Ash Brown, which is our answer to the timeless cold brown hair colour. The colour is an ash brown that removes the warm tones from the brown colour.

Brown hair colour with red pigments

The brown hair colours with red pigments can be described as warm and vibrant due to their reddish play. Their subtle red shades add lots of depth and give the hair a beautiful glow all year round, which also adds a lot of warmth to your face. The reddish browns are often characterised by the copper colour, which is also used to describe this beautiful shade. Here you can find dark brown, brown and dark blonde copper colours, where they all have something brownish in them, but a reddish tinge to create the warm glow. At NATURIGIN, we have therefore developed 3 different copper brown shades that should help you get the hair colour of your dreams.

We have our Copper Brown 4.6, which is our brown hair colour with a lot of red pigments. The reddish colour gives the brown a vibrant hair colour that is glossy and stylish. Perfect for those who don't find the brown colour exciting enough and need more colour.

On the other hand, if you want light brown hair, we have our Dark Golden Copper Blonde 6.0 and Medium Copper Blonde 6.34. Our Dark Golden Copper Blonde 6.0 is a more neutral reddish hair colour that builds more on the golden tones that create a bit of play in the hair.

Brown hair colour without red tinge

Brown hair colours without red tint are characterised by their neutral and natural brown shade, where the reddish elements are removed from the classic brown colour. By removing the reddish hues, a more muted brown colour is created that is not too vibrant and intense in its colour. For most people, this would be the preferred hair colour, as it's a classic brown colour that suits your natural hair, whether you're refreshing it or want to dye it brown for the first time. In addition, it's also easy to apply as it's in the middle of the darkest and blonde colours, making it a great colour choice if you want to make drastic changes to your hair colour, as it's recommended to lighten your current hair colour 2-3 tones.

We recommend our 3.0 Dark Coffee Brown if you want a dark brown colour.

4.0 Brown is the classic brown colour that still has some darkness in it.

5.0 Light Chocolate Brown is for those who want light brown hair, but still want to keep the neutral colour.

The 3 colours mentioned above have no reddish tones, and we still have our light ash brown, which is cooler, but doesn't have the reddish tones either. The neutral colours are a perfect choice if it's the first time you want to dye your hair, as you get a good starting point, then you can always decide whether you want a little warmth or to make the colour cooler if you think the neutral is too vibrant in colour.

How to best care for your brown hair colour

To maintain your brown hair, we recommend our Colour Lock Shampoo and Conditioner set. It's a nourishing hair product set made with certified organic extracts that rebuild and strengthen hair follicles from root to tip, maintaining your brown hair until the next colour. The kit is also vegan and the packaging is made with recycled plastic. With Colour Lock Shampoo and Conditioner, you ensure beautiful and shiny hair that protects and prolongs your hair colour.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Our hair dyes are permanent colours, which means that the colour does not fade over time, as is the case with rinse-off colours. With our hair colours, you get a 100% opaque and permanent result.

Generally, you can use NATURIGIN colour in coloured hair, as our hair colours are 100% opaque and permanent. What you should be aware of, however, is that the outcome of a hair colour is generally affected by the colour the hair already has, and therefore the colour can change character depending on the starting point. The outcome is also affected by the amount of chemicals, if any, the previous colour contained.

If you experience allergic reactions to hair dye, we don't recommend colouring your hair - even though our hair dyes have minimal chemical content. This is because allergic reactions can occur upon contact with even the smallest amount of the substance that the skin cannot tolerate, but our hair colours are suitable for those who experience sensitive or dry skin and, of course, for those who want to cut down on contact with chemicals in general. We always recommend doing a patch test before colouring.

The amount of hair colour required depends on how long and how thick your hair is. One box of NATURIGIN hair colour contains enough colour for most people's needs, but if you have exceptionally long and thick hair, it's a good idea to use two boxes for one colouring.

Hair colouring can usually lift 2-3 tones. For a good result, it is therefore important to choose a colour that stays within this range. If you want to make a more drastic change, such as going from brown to light blonde, we recommend going to a hairdresser.

You can use half and save the rest, but there are a few things to be aware of. Only prepare the amount you want to use now - don't mix the remaining colour and activator together and store it before you need it, as the colour will oxidise and the result will be unstable. Follow the mixing ratio on the box carefully - use a kitchen scale for this purpose. Remember that hair colour should always be mixed in a plastic (not metal) bowl.