Brown hair colour

NATURIGIN gives you brown hair colours without parabens and ammonia, based on organic ingredients. Achieve a complete result with fewer chemicals and enjoy your beautiful brown hair colour. Discover our brown hair colours here and choose the shade you want.

Brown hair colours in many different shades

Brown is a beautiful and natural colour that suits most people. Whether you dream of a light brown hair colour or a dark brown hair colour, you can choose from many different brown hair colours in our selection. For example, how about a luscious copper hair colour or perhaps a deeper, chocolate brown hair colour? Of course, a colder brown hair colour is also possible, and with our many shades available, you can get as close as possible to the brown hair colour of your dreams.

Made from certified organic ingredients

Our brown hair colours not only colour your hair, but also deeply nourish it. The hair colours are based on a rich content of certified organic ingredients, all carefully selected for their nourishing properties.

Dreaming of a dark brown or light brown hair colour?

Brown is not just brown, and this is evident when choosing your next brown hair colour from NATURIGIN. Our selection of brown hair colours ranges from very light brown hair colours to dark brown hair colours, and there are many beautiful shades in between. Maybe you've already tried one of our brown hair colours and want to try something new, or maybe you've grown so fond of your colour that you just want a refresh with the brown hair colour you chose last time. Either way, you can always order your favourite NATURIGIN hair colour online and get it home quickly, so you'll be ready to dye your hair again in no time.

Buy brown hair colour from NATURIGIN online

We are a Danish webshop that carries our own products for skin and hair. In addition to hair colours, you'll find products for skin care, hair care and hair styling, so you can take care of your appearance and always feel naturally beautiful. Treat yourself with products from NATURIGIN - for example, with brown hair colour in a beautiful shade. We have many satisfied customers who return to our hair colours again and again when they want to change or refresh their current colour. You can find all our brown hair colours on this page, where you can choose the shade you like best and order it right away.