Hair Care

NATURUGIN hair products are perfect for those who want healthy and more natural care. Our range includes hair styling and hair care, all of which are certified products made from carefully selected ingredients that nourish your hair and enhance its natural beauty.

Hair care based on natural, organic and Nordic ingredients

Our Nordic Swan Ecolabelled and vegan hair care products consist of four different shampoo and conditioner sets, all containing certified organic and Nordic ingredients. They are also packed with antioxidants and vitamins to nourish your hair and enhance its natural beauty.

Traditional hair products, such as shampoos and conditioners, can be harmful to both your hair and your body as they can contain harmful and synthetic chemicals that are absorbed into your scalp. That's why it's important to choose hair products with carefully selected ingredients, as this reduces the chemical impact on your hair, your skin and the environment.

Benefits of choosing natural-based hair care from NATURIGIN

If you care about natural and organic ingredients in your hair care, NATURIGIN is the place to look. At NATURIGIN, we prioritise being a healthier alternative, while all our products are developed with both the environment and health in mind.

  • All our products are free from SLS, ammonia and parabens
  • We select the most nourishing and pure ingredients that nature has to offer. Read more about the ingredients we use here.
  • We use the full potential of the ingredients in our unique formulas to care for your hair and skin
  • We work with certifications that ensure some of the highest safety standards in the beauty industry. Read more about our certifications here.

How to use our hair care products

We recommend using our shampoo twice (if necessary). The first time you wash your hair, you remove dirt, oil and excess hair products. This allows the shampoo to fully penetrate the hair on the second wash, giving you the optimal care your hair deserves.

Then apply an appropriate amount of conditioner to damp, freshly washed hair. Leave it on for 5-20 minutes - depending on how intensive you want the treatment to be. Rinse hair thoroughly.

Did you know that NATURIGIN has also developed a range of unique hair styling products? They all share professional quality and caring properties. See our range of hair styling products with certified organic ingredients here.