Family-owned beauty brand from Denmark

NATURIGIN was founded in 2004, when Stig and Mette decided to take the first steps towards creating a healthier and more sustainable beauty industry. This vision came about when Mette, aged just 28, was diagnosed with a lump in her breast by doctors. She had led a healthy life and an active lifestyle, so a breast cancer diagnosis came as a huge shock to both her and their family - luckily, she pulled through.

Lægerne fortalte hende, at kræften ikke var genetisk bestemt. Med den besked besluttede hun sig for at tage sagen i egen hånd og undersøge sygdommen. Hun fandt ud af, at vi konstant bliver udsat for skadelige kemikalier, som for eksempel dem der kan findes i skønhedsprodukter, og at disse kemikalier kan være med til at øge risikoen for at udvikle kræft. 

After realising how common beauty products can affect our body and health, our parents decided to develop healthier beauty products for the body with the lowest possible impact on the environment. With NATURIGIN, they wanted to contribute to a sustainable future by creating products that combine exclusive quality and sustainability.

We are proud to say that our parents were revolutionary when they created NATURIGIN in 2004. They made it clear to our generation and future generations that beauty products of the highest quality don't have to be harmful.

We want NATURIGIN to stay true to this! But at the same time, we aim to always evolve for the better and revolutionise the beauty industry as we know it today - for a cleaner and healthier future.

Today, we welcome you to a renewed NATURIGIN and guarantee that we will continue to offer clean, safe and sustainable products - and above all, we guarantee to be The Voice of Clean Beauty.