We believe that beauty is not simply about good looking appearances… Just as importantly, it’s about care! Caring for yourself and caring for our planet! Our name, NATURIGIN, is a composition of the words Nature and Origin, which, along with our trademark; the leaf, is a symbol of NATURIGIN’s contribution to secure a greener environment and our focus on the wellness of body and mind.
We use the cleanest energy sources in the process of combining the best ingredients from nature with high-performance and exclusive quality in all our products. It is important for us to take care of nature, which is why our packaging is based on recycled plastic retrieved from the ocean.
We are born and raised in Denmark, inspired by the green scandinavian landscapes and motivated by the nordic way of life – this is our DNA. In these settings we have found the most precious herbs and berries which we use to enrich each of our formulas.


We never compromise on quality! Let your hair and skin feel the difference…
All NATURIGIN products are created to enhance the natural beauty of your hair and skin. We continuously strive to achieve the perfect balance between the pure benefits of natural ingredients while maintaining high-performance and superior quality.

Beauty doesn’t have to be harmful! We care for your health.
It has always been a priority for NATURIGIN to care for- and prioritise your health. Therefore, we can proudly say that we use ingredients retrieved from natural sources and that we are working with certifications that secures some of the strictest safety standards in the industry.
We care about our planet!
Our aim is to challenge and improve every industry standard and for that reason we are synonyms of…
At NATURIGIN, we pride ourselves on the fact that we supply organically based products. We believe in care and beauty products that are in harmony with nature, and are beneficial not only for your hair and skin, but for the environment as well.
Just as clean oceans are a global priority, they are a priority for NATURIGIN as well. Our packaging is primarily made of recycled and recyclable plastic – we call it CONSCIOUS PLASTIC!