Black Hair Colour

Black hair colour gives a different and very distinctive look. Find our hair colours in black here and enjoy black hair colour without ammonia and parabens and with a rich content of organic ingredients.

Black hair colours based on organics

At NATURIGIN you will find two black hair colours without parabens and ammonia: Black 2.0 and Ebony 2.3. We have replaced most chemical additives with natural and certified organic ingredients that protect your hair during colouring and nourish your hair. Achieve a complete result and enjoy your beautiful black hair colour.

Natural black hair colours

If you're looking for a dramatic, jet black colour, Black 2.0 is your best bet. It's a strong black colour that gives a dark and deep effect on your hair. If you want a warmer and slightly milder black, try NATURIGIN's Ebony 2.3. It gives an intense black colour with red tones, resulting in a warmer colour than Black 2.0.

How to take care of your black hair

To keep the black colour, we recommend caring for your hair with our Colour Lock range. The reason is that when you colour your hair, the hair strands open up to allow the colour to stay in the hair. Colour Lock Shampoo and Conditioner are moisturising products made with certified organic extracts that rebuild and strengthen the hair from root to tip and retain the dark colour. They are also vegan and the packaging is made with recycled plastic. Colour Lock Shampoo and Conditioner ensures beautiful, shiny hair in a sustainable way.