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After many months of research, lots of questions from you babes + asking my own questions to my (very patient) hair stylist a million + one times, I’ve finally found the answer….

Is there a permanent hair dye that covers greys + isn’t bad for you?

Why YES. YES there is. And it WORKS.

Not only are these natural hair colors cruelty free, but they’re also made with certified organic + natural ingredients that are better for you (+ the environment). And here’s the kicker… they color your hair without ammonia or bleach!!!

Ammonia + bleach are the 2 ingredients you want to stay away from while coloring your hair, as they’re the most damaging. They dry out your skin + can make your locks brittle, not to mention they can also damage your lungs via inhalation. Here’s how hair dye works:


Your individual strands have to be altered in order for hair dye to properly work. Ammonia is what opens + lifts your hair cuticle so the dye can penetrate your strand at its base + bond to it. At the same time, peroxide removes your natural hair color, making room for that new pigment to take over. Peroxide will also lift your locks to a lighter color, depending on the percentage that’s used. For highlights, that’s a combination of bleach + peroxide, just like you’d bleach stains on your white clothing.

And that’s where NATURIGIN comes in — they’ve figured out how to make hair dye permanent + LIFT your color without using bleach or ammonia!! (Which is basically unheard of since other natural dyes, sans ammonia, will quickly wash out, instead of growing out.) Instead, NATURIGIN uses MEA (monoethanolamine) in place of ammonia. MEA is derived from coconuts, so it’s more gentle on your hair + it’s NOT a gas like ammonia, so it doesn’t get into your airways. And yes, some of NATURIGIN’s colors can even be used for highlights — no bleach, just peroxide! (I have to point out that some people are also against hydrogen peroxide but since we use it for natural teeth whitening, natural antiseptic, etc, I am very okay with it.) Additionally, NATURIGIN includes natural oils + pure extracts to take care of any stripping or drying.

Speaking of highlights, this is an AT-HOME KIT. It only takes 30 minutes. I brought the kit to my hair stylist Anjeza because I wanted an expert to test it out with me. However, if you’re looking to achieve highlights in addition to a base color/root touchup, don’t do the highlights yourself. I’d take those to your stylist (you literally can’t reach around your head by yourself).

Now, I’ll be honest. I’m a blonde + I’m used to bleach. So I wasn’t sure how well NATURIGIN would work, being ammonia + bleach free + natural — and neither was my hair stylist. We were both pretty sceptical. But I wanted to give it a go. And I’m sure glad I did.

I chose the volume 8.1 kit. This is the level of lift (lightness in color) the dye will give you. I honestly could’ve went down a level, to volume 7. THAT’S how much this dye lifted my roots!!! Anjeza + I were both completely shocked! We couldn’t believe our eyes. NATURIGIN lifts even more than the standard colors at the salon, withOUT the help of ammonia or bleach. And according to Anjeza, it maintains the exact same grey coverage as those standard colors, too.

Oh, + it didn’t smell like other dyes I’ve used. It had a really pleasant odour + here’s the best part: it didn’t burn my scalp!! I’ve had actual burns on my scalp before from using bleach. This was so gentle — I didn’t feel a thing. I should also mention that it’s paraben free 

All in all, I’m hooked. NATURIGIN gives you professional, permanent results that are safe for you + your hair. And 4 days later, my hair actually feels healthier + softer than it usually does. (I didn’t even get a trim.) I’m pretty sure that’s due to the added oils + extracts + to the fact that we didn’t have to use ammonia or bleach in the dye.

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