The beautiful German blogger Annika from Midnight Blue Elephant has tried our NATURIGIN Natural Medium Blonde 7.0 home hair colour. She got a nice result and got her grey hairs covered perfectly. Here is what she said about the product:

Unlike most other home hair colors I have tried, the box doesn’t come with a conditioner but with a color lock shampoo. I usually need lots of conditioner so I recommend you have some on hand (they do make their own conditioner too, one I am keen to try now).

If you have long or thick hair, I recommend you use two boxes. I did for the first time and not only was the whole process so much easier, the color also turned out more evenly (important for a no-badger look!).

The application was easy but the real highlight was that the color didn’t stain my skin (I used to use cold ash to rub color off of my skin, I don’t know why but it works really well). Naturigin also doesn’t contain any ammonia or other stinky substances – such a pleasure if your bathroom is small.

And most important to me, the color covered any grey hairs perfectly. So once again, age is just a number.

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