Our latest user review comes from the cool norwegian blogger Kaja-Marie. She used our lightest ash blond 10.2, to get extra highlights  and she achieved a wonderful result. Here is what Kaja-Marie said about the process (we have translated her blog post from norwegian to english, but you can find the original post here):

Hi friday! Today i want to share a tip for fixing your hair in no time.
I visited a hairdresser to get darker roots and to cut my hair. I added som light highlights afterwards, with help from Naturigins home dye colours.

I change my hair colour frequently, because i like the dark tones in the winter, but a lighter tone in the summer. I used Lightest Ash Blonde 10.2 from Naturigin, to give my hair extra highlights. You can use the product all over, but i like to keep the roots dark. I thought that home dye was a bit sketchy, but it was super easy.

The process was easy: start with dry unwashed hair, mix the colours and apply with gloves. Leave in for 20-30 minuts, and then wash it out. So easy and perfect when you can’t wait until your next appointment at the hairdresser.

Check Kaja-Maries review out, for more beautiful pictures. If you also dreams of lighter hair for lighter days, browse between our colours, and if you are unsure about a colour, click on it and see our tranformation pictures.

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