A reunion with the beautiful blogger Cherie, who once again has given us an amazing natural hair dye review. Cherie used Dark Golden Copper Blonde to colour her hair, and this is what she said about the product:

I’m not a big fan of chemical dyes and usually prefer (if available) to go for the most natural option. Last year, the dye I used to get my amazing fiery red hair was cruelty free and vegan and packed with natural oils that won’t strip out moisture post-dye, which I loved and raved about endlessly. And this year, luckily enough, NATURIGIN reached out and asked me whether I wanted to try out a different colour!

So now I have fresh new locks again. It was getting hilarious telling people that my “ombré” ‘do was just dark roots that I didn’t bother re-dyeing ever since my last dye job in April of last year! I decided I wanted a more natural colour this time round so went for what looked like if I melted a bit of dark chocolate and caramel (well officially called Dark Golden Copper Brown but food is always more enticing as names, right?) Post-dye with no more weird black roots, yay.

Like the previous dye, the entire process is quick and easy – no strong chemical smells and you just need to have it on for 20 mins if your hair’s already dyed (30 if you haven’t dyed your hair before) and I didn’t have to spend ages washing my hair out till the water went clear.

I know it may come as awkward/soppy whenever a blog sings high praises for a product – but the love is real for this one, you guys. If you’re thinking of changing up a new style for spring but don’t want to splash that cash and want a healthier alternative, NATURIGIN is perfect.

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