Ethical lifestyle blogger Besma, from Curiously Conscious, used our Dark Coffee Brown 3.0 to get a rich deep dye, that matches her naturally dark browns. She achieved a pretty result, a natural look. Here is what Besma said about our brand:

What I haven’t told you, is that in the almost four years of writing this blog, I’ve been using chemical at-home dyes on my hair to achieve that colour. It’s something I’ve felt quite guilty about, especially when I (in somewhat of a contradiction) don’t like using petrochemical shampoos and even choose to go to a natural hairdresser.

So I’m finally pleased to tell you, not only have I moved away from unnatural alternatives, but I’ve found a natural-based dye that genuinely works!

As you can see from the photos, I started off with quite a dark head of hair, but there were light patches, especially in my fringe and down my roots. The beauty of all of NATURIGIN’s natural hair colours is that they provide a colour chart to show the outcome each dye will give you, as well as a really simple set of instructions to follow for virgin hair, or for hair that’s been coloured in the past.

Besma made a really amazing step-by-step guide, that walks you through the whole proces, from the patchtest to the rinse.

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