Our latest natural hair dye review comes from the beautiful Norwegian blogger Sara, who used NATURIGIN 5.0 Light Chocolate Brown in her long dark hair. This is her review of the colour.

This time when I coloured my hair I thought I’d try the Danish brand NATURIGIN. The reason I want to share my experience with NATURIGIN is that it is one of the mildest hair colours in the world. Unfortunately, many beauty products contain many bad chemicals which you should avoid, but this is one concern you are without when using NATURIGIN. I wanted to freshen up my hair before Christmas and if you, like me, go for the home hair dye, I can recommend NATURIGIN.

Unfortunately, the colour I chose resembles my own colour a bit too much, so there’s not that big a difference to see. The colour I chose is Light Chocolate Brown 5.0 and it looks so good on the package, and I think it would have been gorgeous in lighter hair. In general, I really like the natural hair dye from NATURIGIN and the cool thing is that you can buy it in our local stores.

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