The beautiful English blogger Cherie from has once again done a great review on one of our Organic based Home Hair Colors. Before going on vacation she refreshed her look for the Summer with NATURIGIN Natural Medium Blonde. Here is what she said:

Before coming to Japan, I had the chance to dye my hair again with the wonderful Naturigin. I wanted a refreshed and fun look for summer and opted for Natural Medium Blonde* this time, and it was a beautiful contrast against the painfully beautiful green hues of the forest. Brown hair ftw or what?!

In short, their ingredients are naturally derived, free of chemical nasties and cruelty free. Psss, and they’re under £10! The dye doesn’t strip my hair out and is one of the easiest box dye to use in the market. Naturigin has 19 Natural Hair Colours so if you’re thinking of switching up to something warm for autumn, look no further.

You can read the whole review on her blog and also check out Cherie’s review on Dark Golden Copper Blonde

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