The beautiful US blogger, Samantha just helped her stunning friend, Rachel colour her hair with NATURIGIN Dark Coffee Brown 3.0. This is the result and Samantha’s thoughts about the process and the product.

“If there is one thing that I will always love, it’s dying my hair, but I can’t stand some things about hair dye. I hate that stinging feeling that normal boxed dyes give me and that chemical smell that makes me feel so light headed. I recently dyed my best friend, Rachel’s hair with NATURIGIN hair dye and I was very surprised when I noticed that it didn’t have that awful smell to it and when I asked Rachel her thoughts and review on the Dye she loved the fact that it didn’t sting.

I dyed Rachel’s hair in the shade Dark Coffee Brown 3.0, a shade that was similar to her natural hair color, but we were really focused on covering up the red toned hair around her face. Rachel and I both loved the hair dying process. Like I mentioned before this dye didn’t sting and didn’t smell of chemicals what so ever.

The hair dye really coluors and covers your hair very nicely. Rachel’ hair turned out so good and we said bye bye to those red toned hairs! Rachel’s hair is overall more of a rich true brown and it looks a lot healthier and shinier.”

Read Samantha’s full review here.

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