The beautiful blogger Rasa tested our natural hair dye to brush up her long gorgeous balayage hair. She applied Light Ash Blonde 8.1 and you can read her review here.

Balayage coloring is pretty easy to maintain – I only go to a hair salon twice a year to freshen it up. However in between my visits the bleached hair color slightly changes as the tone of dye fades away and the brassy tones come out. Which is exactly why I was excited to try out the Danish hair coloring brand NATURIGIN that offer organic and 98% natural based permanent hair colors.

I didn’t really want any big changes to my hair color other than a fresh, brass-free look, so I chose one of our natural hair colors, Light Ash Blonde 8.1. Coloring hair by yourself is much easier than you might think – at least I didn’t have any problem and finished within 20 minutes. I got two packs of dye just in case, but one box was plenty enough for my long hair! 20 minutes later and my hair got a tiny bit darker and the brassy tones were replaced with nice ashy ones. Exactly what I hoped for!

Honestly, I’m so impressed with the brand, for both the color result and coloring experience in itself – no harsh smells, no stains on the skin, no irritation, and even more importantly, their natural approach, healthier and cleaner choice of hair colors without unhealthy and dangerous ingredients!

Click to learn more about Rasa’s experience with natural hair dye.

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