Our latest user review comes from the stunning girl, Rasa, from Aimerose. She tried our Light Ash Blonde 8.1 home hair colour, and achieved a really nice result, with no brassy tones. Here is what she said about our product:

Brassy tones is something you inevitably have to deal with when you’ve bleached your hair. I use purple shampoo regularly but it only works so long until it makes the hair weirdly colorless and lifeless. Which is why from time to time I’ll dye my hair with Naturigin hair dye – 98% natural based, 100% ammonia and parabens free, and works like a charm! I use one of their 19 natural hair colors, Light Ash Blonde 8.1 which gives me the perfect brass-free, dark blonde color. The process itself is super easy to do yourself at home, and the dye doesn’t have that harsh chemical smell which other dyes do.
I’ve been also trying their shampoo & conditioner that are packed with organic extracts and natural oils that are good for both colored and natural hair and I really do like them. I’ve trying to cut back on as many unnatural products as I can and I’m happy to have Naturigin on my list to keep! Next on the list to try is their natural dry shampoo.
Check out some more beautiful pictures of the result on Rasa’s blog, Aimerose.

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