The beautiful Norwegian girl, Ida just tested NATURIGIN home hair colours. She made her own DIY ombre hair colour with NATURIGIN 11.2 Extreme Ash Blonde and 3.0 Dark Coffee Brown, and this is her natural hair colour review.

“When I was asked if I wanted to try NATURGIN home colour, I was very much in doubt. I have coloured my hair myself many times before and ended up with green and black hair and paid much money to have a hairdresser fix it for me. So I had made a deal with myself never to colour my hair at home again. But after a long summer, something had to be done! My student wallet didn’t appreciate a hairdresser appointment, so the choice was easy.”

Natural Hair Colour Review

“So on the hair colouring. The first thing I noticed was the fantastic smell. The other hair colours I’ve tried were quite sharp in the smell and resulted in burning eyes and nose. But this was not the case with NATURIGIN. The colour was easy to apply, the box has a thorough user manual, and it gives a fabulous result!

I have finally found a home hair colour that is definitely going to be my first choice in the future. I have previously had problems with the colours fading quite fast but that is not the case this time. The result is clearly better than I had hoped for, and even after four weeks the colour is still just as good.”

My Procedure: How to do Your Own Ombre

“I had an ombre hairstyle from my last colouring, so I ordered two colours from NATURIGIN, 11.2 Extreme Ash Blonde and 3.0 Dark Coffee Brown. I had some experience from before and therefore some indication on how to proceed. But for those who are doing it for the first time, I have the following tips:

  1. Split the hair into sections. For an even result all hairs need to be coloured.
  2. Get help! It is not easy to colour the hair yourself, so have a girlfriend help you.
  3. Check out some YouTube videos about DIY ombre first. There are many good video tutorials and these will definitely help you.
  4. If you haven’t tried this method before I suggest that you colour the roots first and then colour the long ends the day after. This gives you more control over the dark and light shades.
  5. Take your time. Even though it says 30 minutes on the box, it won’t harm to leave on a little bit longer.
  6. Make sure you wash it thoroughly and apply hair care products suited for coloured hair.”


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