The stunning Norwegian blogger Ida Charleen mixed NATURIGIN Light Chocolate Brown 5.0 and Platinum Blonde 10.0 to get this beautiful reddish hair colour. Read her review of our natural hair dye below.

Personally, I rarely go to the hairdresser – mainly because I am very spontaneous, so if I get an idea, everything has to happen at once. Therefore, I often choose to cut and colour my hair at home. I have a skin disease called psoriasis in my scalp, which means that I am extremely sensitive to hair colours. So normally, when I colour my hair it results in wounds, reddening and itch in my scalp. But then I heard about the natural hair dye from NATURIGIN, which contains no additives harming the scalp.

To get this result, I first applied the dark colour (Light Chocolate Brown). While the dark colour was in my roots, I mixed the blonde (Platinum Blonde). After a short while, I massaged the light colour into the dark (which was still in my hair) in order to get a natural transition. This procedure left me with this natural look, where my hair is a bit darker by the roots and lighter in the ends.

I was very happy with the result, and I didn’t react to the colour at all. It didn’t itch or sting. This means that I will absolutely continue using the products from NATURIGIN. The colour is nice and golden and it lasts for a long time. And what is more, it doesn’t damage the hair, and you don’t have to colour several times a month to maintain the colour.

Did you like Ida’s new natural hair colour? Or are you looking to mix your own natural hair dye for a new look before summer? Browse our 19 natural hair colours to find the look you like.

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