The stunning Norwegian blogger Elizabeth Pham has lightened up her dark hair with NATURIGIN Light Ash Blonde 8.1 and has achieved a great result. Here is what she said about our product:

What caught my attention was their all-natural and organic products, which are cruelty free and doesn’t contain chemical ingredients that can potentially damage your hair and scalp. However, I was sceptical as to whether or not any of the hair colours would work on me. Especially when even their scale of what result to expect based on different hair colours didn’t even include people with black hair. That made my decision of which colour to try out even harder. I just knew that I wanted brown hair, and so I picked a blonde hair colour, hoping it would show at least some result on my hair.

Due to my long, dark, and Asian virgin locks, I honestly didn’t expect anything at all. I have learned that Asian hair is especially hard to work with because it can’t absorb hair dye very well compared to blondes or brunettes.

But what can I say? You can see for yourselves from the pictures I’ve provided, and see a significant difference from how my hair used to look like – dark, sparse and lifeless. Now, my hair looks more voluminous and is definitely softer and fuller, not to mention the fact that the colour I envisioned really showed!

After dyeing my hair and blow drying it, it feels like I just stepped out of a hair salon. My hair felt smooth and lucious, and I can’t stop touching it.

PS. If you have long hair like me, I would recommend to use two boxes of hair dye to achieve the best result.

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