The stunning blogger Cherie from London coloured her hair with NATURIGIN 7.55 Medium Blonde Deep Red and sent us some gorgeous pictures and an amazing review. You can read Cherie’s full review here.

“What I really love about them is their naturally derived ingredients (98.7%, that’s like, pretty dope). I WAS SOLD. But honestly the ingredients list fares so much better than any other hair dyes I’ve ever tried. And this is coming from someone who’s been doing it for the last 10 years. It also has natural oils to strengthen your hair and lock in all that colour goodness.

Some noteworthy things: my hair doesn’t smell like a freakin’ chemical plant, nor does it itch while you leave it to rest during the 20 minutes it’s on. And that’s a big deal for me! You wash it out, give it a dry and enjoy your new hair… Another joy is that it doesn’t dry your hair out, because it’s jam-packed with natural oils to retain all the moisture post-wash. And I can vouch for this, comparing to other brands which make my hair slightly brittle and dry immediately after washing it out.

NATURIGIN is definitely going to be on my radar from now on – the easy application, post-wash soft hair feeling is something I loved, on top of the natural ingredients! Hair success, you guys!”

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