This stunning blogger, Anna used NATURIGIN 10.2 Lightest Ash Blonde to colour her hair, and she has written a great review about her experience with NATURIGIN. See the result and what she said right here.

“The color was extremely easy to apply and did not smell like it was about to burn your scalp off. It smells incredible and I actually feel like I was using a nourishing hair cure (the ingredient list actually includes nourishing oils!) instead of something that dries your hair out and damage the scalp. After 30 minutes I washed my hair using the cure that was in the package (which also smelled heavenly). After completing the transformation my hair actually felt softer and more healthy.

I used the color Lightest Ash Blonde 10.2 and I’m so happy with the results! I can see now that my hair is in need of a little trim, but that’s a whole other story!”

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