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Effective self-tanner

LYKKEGAARD's plant-based and exclusive self-tanner is the perfect alternative for those who want a healthier and more sustainable way to achieve a beautiful glow and natural golden colour.

Their self-tanning range currently features the ILLUMINATING Exclusive Self Tan Foam and ILLUMINATING Self Tan Drops. These two self-tanners will definitely not disappoint! The two formulas are carefully blended together so that you'll be left with a set of self-tanners that both smell great and leave the ultimate tan finish - without streaks and dark spots.

LYKKEGAARD's self-tanners are also certified Dermatologically Tested, which means that the self-tanning products have been examined and evaluated by dermatologists to ensure that they are safe and effective to use on the skin.

How to use LYKKEGAARD's self-tanner

Apply ILLUMINATING Self Tan Drops to your face with your day cream and use our ILLUMINATING Exclusive Self Tan Foam on the rest of your body.

For the most optimal self-tanning results, you can apply their Body Scrub or Face Scrub before application and finish the process with their Age Gracefully Creme and Body Lotion.