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I love a good hair-swoosh moment. They happen at the best of times, on good hair days, when the wind is low and my confidence is high. But achieving this with sustainable haircare can sometimes be a little tricky.

You see, not all haircare is created equal. From shampoos to conditioners, spritzes to sprays, there’s a lot going on in these formulations. Achieving a balance between natural ingredients, eco-friendly packaging, and glossy-hair-inducing performance can be hard to do.

Thankfully, I discovered NATURIGIN way back in 2018, when I was looking for natural hair dye. Now, the Danish home colour brand is back with a range of haircare products that nourish, protect, and keep my hair glossy and light. I’m in love!

I’m a fan of NATURIGIN because they consider the entire life-cycle of their product line, and work on making them better for your health, animal welfare and the environment.

Within their formulations, NATURIGIN uses certified organic ingredients, and works with The Vegan Society to guarantee that all products are cruelty-free and made without animal-derived ingredients.

The entire line is made in Denmark, ensuring better labour laws, respect, and fair pay. And alongside this, they use recycled plastic in their packaging, and where possible, recyclable packaging too.

I was treated to a few of the new NATURIGIN care and styling products to try out! My usual routine consists of shampoo, conditioner, protective spray, and the odd blast of dry shampoo, so I went for those same products. When trialling these, I leaned towards the Colour Lock range because anything that prolongs my hair dye is gold-dust!

Here’s how I got on swapping NATURIGIN products into my haircare routine…

As someone who frequently colours their hair (and has been doing so since I was 17!) I always look for haircare products that work well with hair dye and give a glossy finish too. NATURIGINs Colour Lock Shampoo has done my hair a world of good, with its gentle formulation cleaning my hair while leaving it vibrant and shiny.

I also like that this shampoo comes as a liquid, and minimally lathers when applied. It gives that clean feeling without needing to use harsh ingredients like SLS.

To complete the effect, I’ve been following my shampoo with NATURIGINs Colour Lock Conditioner. This creamy conditioner feels so nice to smooth through the lengths of my hair and keeps it feeling smooth between washes too.

Next up: NATURIGINs Breakage Stop Thermal Protector.

I like to use heated styling tools fairly often so I like to apply some kind of heat protection spray each time I’ve dried off my freshly washed hair with a towel.

This spray does exactly what it says on the bottle – it lightly mists over my hair in seconds and keeps my hair soft, shiny, and protected when using a hairdryer and subsequent straighteners. Plus it smells really lovely too!

Also, another nice element of this spray is that it can be used on dry hair too. So if you’re someone who rarely uses heated styling tools, but does like to run a curling iron through your hair for a special occasion, this spray can work for you!

And finally, my favourite new product discovery has to be NATURIGINs Invisible Dry Shampoo! I love being able to freshen up my roots without needing to wash all my hair, so dry shampoo has been a friend to me since my teens.

I was really impressed to see that this spray is also predominantly made from Bio DME, a propellant gas that is made from 100% renewable biomass waste. It means that the formula itself is circular!

And this dry shampoo goes one step further than my usual brand – it really is invisible! No streaky white marks to rub in, and no colour matching needed either. It simply absorbs the excess oil and makes my hair feel clean, weightless and fresh again. Plus it has a gentle floral scent that makes me feel like my hair is back to its best for a full 24 hours after applying.

I’m a big fan of NATURIGINs new sustainable haircare line! It’s made fairly, with organic and vegan ingredients, it’s cruelty-free, it performs well, and it all smells lovely too.

Price-wise, the range is around what I usually pay for haircare products, although it can add up. Out of everything, I think the Colour Lock Shampoo & Conditioner are my favourites, with the Dry Shampoo coming in a close second.

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