Right now there is a lot of focus on natural ingredients and the pros and cons of these in beauty products. Natural ingredients can indeed be beneficial in beauty products. BUT they are not guaranteed to be beneficial for your health and can, just like chemical ingredients, cause allergies.

LUCKILY there are many products out there with natural ingredients that you can use with good conscience, knowing that they will be beneficial for both your health and the environment.

So if you are interested in knowing what to look for in the jungle of beauty products, then read what follows;


First of all it is important to look at the ingredient list. Your hair and skin needs many different vitamins and minerals to thrive. Therefore your hair and body care products need to contain many different vitamins and minerals, and that is exactly what natural ingredients contribute with.

The natural ingredients found in our NATURIGIN products are certified by an independent third party. Moreover, you will find natural and certified organic ingredients in all of our products.


Second, it is a good idea to look for products with The Nordic Swan Ecolabel. This certification is given to products that are particularly lenient for your health and the environment, without compromising the quality of the product.

The requirements for this label include;

Sets strict environmental requirements for all stages of product development.
Sets strict requirements on the amounts of toxic chemicals used.

Certifies that the life cycle of the product is as closed as possible.

The product is free from microplastics and suspected endocrine disruptors.

Therefore, the Nordic Swan Ecolabel can be found on our Shampoos and Conditioners, Body Care products and NATURIGIN Breakage Stop Thermal Protector.


Third, Asthma Allergy Nordic actively works to decrease the number of people that suffer from asthma, allergies, and rash. This certification makes it easier to avoid unnecessary chemicals, and minimizes the risk of allergic reactions and developing allergies.

The requirements for this label include;

No known allergens or allergenic preservatives.

No perfume.

Each ingredient in the product is assessed by a toxicologist.

Therefore, the Asthma Allergy Nordic Label can be found on NATURIGIN Perfume Free Shampoo and NATURIGIN Pure Intimate Wash.


Fourth, if you want to make sure that the products that you are buying are cruelty free, then choose products with The Vegan Trademark. This certification attests that the product is developed with high ethical standards.

The requirements for this label include;

Attests that no animal product, by-product, derivative or animal testing are used in any stage of product development.

Stands as an international standard for authentic vegan products.

Only products of high quality and ethical standards are certified.

Therefore, the Vegan Trademark can be found on our Shampoos and Conditioners, Body Care products and NATURIGIN Breakage Stop Thermal Protector.

Above all, we work with natural ingredients and independent third party organizations to secure a healthier and more sustainable future.

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