Natural hair color chart

NATURIGIN’s hair colour chart is a visual tool to identify and select the right hair dye. Our chart includes a range of different shades and tones, allowing the consumer to figure out what colour to choose when home colouring. We will try to guide you through our colour chart system so that the best results can be achieved easily with our natural hair colours.

hair color chart

Hair levels

Before determining the hair colour level, we first need to figure out what this level means for your hair. So when we talk about hair levels, we at NATURIGIN have numbers in the range of 2-11. These numbers represent how dark or light your hair is. The higher the number is, the lighter the shade of the hair dye is. So before choosing a new hair colour, you must determine the present hair level. This has to be done, because of the limitations when choosing a hair dye. At NATURIGIN, we recommend staying within 2 levels of your present hair colour. When within 2 levels, it’s easier to achieve a natural-looking hair colour, with our dye formula, which also leads to the smallest amount of damage to your hair.

How to find my hair level?

To determine your present hair level, you need to take a section of your hair. Then you can use our chart at the top of the page, to compare your hair colour with our colour chart showing our levels. This will help you understand what is possible to achieve, as you can’t skip more than 2 levels in the chart. If you wish to get a hair level that’s more than 2 levels, we recommend that you go to a professional hairdresser. This will make it more naturally fitting, and secure that the right look is achieved.

Hair tones

When the preferred hair level is found, we now have to look at the secondary number. This number resembles the tone of our natural based hair dye. When talking about hair colour tones, the most used are copper, ash and red. These have different numbers and can work with each other to give the perfect colour. Usually when picking a tone for the hair, when colouring it lighter, warm tones will be naturally exposed. Therefore we recommend going for a cool undertone, to get a naturally-looking colour. If you wish to make the hair more colourful, then pick the warm undertone and vice versa.

Hair tones can be complex, as they add a defining shade, which can have a big impact on the hair colouring result. This can be the funniest part of hair colouring, as this is where you can create a unique hair colour, that’s going to fit and expose your eyes or skin even more.

Blonde hair colour shades

Our 9 natural based blonde shades are carefully formulated to suit various skin tones and hair types, ensuring a perfect match for everyone. From light ash blonde to natural blonde, and dark golden blonde, our range of blonde shades offers something for everyone.

When choosing a blonde shade from our blonde hair dye, it’s important to consider your skin tone and the current colour of your hair. For example, if you have warm undertones in your skin, a golden or honey blonde might be a good choice, while cooler skin tones may look best with our platinum or ash blonde tones.

Brown hair colour shades 

From light brown to dark brown, to cool undertones browns like coffee brown, our range of brown shades offers something for everyone. Our brown dyes are meticulously crafted to match a variety of skin tones and hair types, ensuring that you’ll find a perfect match for your hair.

When selecting brown hair dye, consider your skin and your natural hair colour. For warm-toned skin, you want to choose a brown hair dye with warm tones, such as golden brown. If you have cool-toned skin, you may want to go for a brown colour with cool tones, such as ash brown or our coffee brown. If your hair is already on the darker side, you may want to choose a lighter brown shade to create a subtle change. Conversely, if your hair is lighter, you may want to choose a darker brown shade for a more dramatic transformation.

Black hair colour shades

For now, we only offer 2 black shades from classic dark black to lighter black, which is made to create a natural black hair colour. Whether you’re looking for a dramatic, bold look or a subtle change, NATURIGIN’s two black colours can cover your needs.

Red hair colour shades

NATURIGIN’s red shades are a great choice for anyone looking to add some warmth and vibrancy to their hair. Our red hair dye is made to add dimension to their hair, as our red hair shades help to create depth and colour, while still having a natural look.

The medium red hair dye is made for people with cool tones in their skin, while the deep red is more colourful and fits better for warm-toned skin. Overall it is important to keep in mind that red can be a high-maintenance colour, which will need some more care than the others colours. This can be the case for some people if they wish to have a very vibrant red colour.

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