To many of us, the cold winter weather equals electric, frizzy and dry hair going in every possible direction. This problem is caused by the lack of humidity during winter which is not really something we can change. However, we can do something to avoid this problem. If you have dry hair (caused by the dry air), it is more likely to become electric and frizzy.


Use moisturising products.

In the cold winter, you have to help your hair stay moisturised. Since the air outside is dry, you have to do more yourself to protect yourself from getting dry hair as well. To do so, you should use a moisturising and caring hair products – especially shampoo – to take care of your hair and prevent it from drying out during the winter. If you don’t know what products to choose, ask your hairdresser for help as it can differ a lot from person to person which product is the best.

Use hair treatments.

Most people use a conditioner together with their shampoo when they wash their hair. And this is fine. However, conditioners only moisturise the hair here and now and only on the surface. So if you want a more long-term solution, we recommend that you use hair treatments to avoid dry hair. Hair treatments close the keratin layer on the hair and fill out and help the hair ‘lie down’.

Let the hair air dry.

Using a hairdryer can mean ‘losing moist’ from your hair. The warm air from the hairdryer will not only dry the hair but will dry out the hair as well. That’s why it is better to let the hair air dry if you have time to do so. If you just can’t live without your hairdryer (we know some of you can’t), then use a heat protector and a cool air program with less air pressure.

Wash your hair right.

Besides using the right shampoo, there are other things you can do to avoid frizzy and dry hair. First of all, you should avoid using very hot water. A steaming hot shower can be a lifesaver during winter, but for your hair, it can be killer! If you only use hot water to wash your hair and skin, it is more likely to dry out. So try ending your showers under the cold water, it will refresh all of you.

Many argue that washing your hair too often is also damaging because it will dry out your scalp and make your hair greasy in less time. So try to wash your hair only three times a week (or when necessary when it is dirty). If you want to wash it more often, use a shampoo with natural oils.

Use styling products.

Some styling products can help ‘tame’ the hair on a frizzy day. Plus, styling products are always nice to have to make your hairstyle look gorgeous and stay in shape throughout the day. However, try to avoid using silicone and sulphates every day as the long-term consequences can be damaged and dry hair.
Use a plastic comb or brush.

Natural hairs are likely to make the hair even more electric, why you could use plastic hair tools during winter. Normally, a natural hair brush is nice and can add some volume to the hair. But if your hair or the air is dry, this type of brush is likely to worsen that.

Avoid wearing synthetic materials.

This is one of the tricky things, admitted. However, if you’re able to avoid synthetic materials, like nylon and polyester in your clothes, at least this won’t result in electric and frizzy hair.

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