It seems easy to wash your hair. But have you ever considered whether you are doing the best for your hair when you wash it? In the following, we have tried to collect the best tips on this matter.

The first step towards getting healthy hair

At first, it is important to choose the right shampoo. In many cases shampoo contains silicone, which will leave the hair soft and shiny in the first place. But did you know that silicone is a plastic, which encircles the hair and conceals your scalp. This way your scalp can’t breathe which can result in hair loss.

Furthermore, this makes it hard for your caring products to get through to your hair and you risk getting dry hair and split ends. Like that silicone harms your hair even though it seems to leave it soft and shiny at first. Because of that, we do recommend keeping an eye on the presence of silicone in your everyday hair wash and conditioner. On this account, we have developed our Colour Care Hairwash and Conditioner without adding any silicone – and it still leaves the hair smooth and shiny because of the Silk Protein and Chamomile Flower Extract.

And now to the actual act of healthy hairwashing

Make sure to make your hair wet with warm water as it will open up the hair cuticle and prepare it to welcome your caring products. Like this, the hair will absorb the hairwash much easier.

When you wash your hair, it is beneficial to wash it twice. The first time you remove dirt, oil and excess hair products. Afterwards, the shampoo can access the hair directly and you will obtain optimal haircare.

Use your favourite quality conditioner and leave it in the hair for a few minutes to give it time to be absorbed.

Finish up by washing your hair in cold water as it will seal the hair cuticle back up.

This is how simple it can be to shape the best conditions for healthy hair!

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