I often wonder what is the best way to wash my hair if I want healthy, non-greasy and strong hair, and there are four myths that are particularly good to know the answer to when it comes to shampoo.

Myth #1: Washing with shampoo every day can be bad for my hair

False. We constantly hear how it’s so much better if you only wash your hair a few times a week. But this really depends on what you want to gain from this. You can easily wash your hair every or every other day and still have healthy hair – as long as you use the right product! If you’ve tried the going for three to four days without washing for a while, and it simply isn’t working for you, don’t feel bad going back to washing your hair five times a week. You should just go for a moisturising shampoo with natural oils.

Myth #2: The more lather, the cleaner my hair gets

False. Many people like working up a good foam head on top of their hair when shampooing, but the effect of this is actually mainly psychological. Because the more lather, the cleaner you can get, right? This is not true. Ideally you should just have enough foam to lubricate the hair and no more. So you can’t measure a good shampoo on the amount of lather it produces.

And actually, the shampoo is not the most important part of your hair washing. Massaging your scalp and rinsing your hair are the most important for healthy hair. By massaging your scalp, you increase the blood stream and your hair follicles will grow healthier from your scalp.

Myth #3: Too much shampoo is bad for the hair

True. Despite the fact that washing your hair every day is not an issue, using too much shampoo every time you wash your hair is! If you use a lot of shampoo to get more foam (yea, there it is again with the foam), you risk massaging the product into you scalp wrongly. Plus: it becomes harder to rinse. So you actually risk washing your hair in a less effective way if you use too much shampoo.

Myth #4: If I use the same shampoo for a while, my hair will get used to it and I have to switch to another product

False. Honestly, if you love the shampoo you’re using, there’s no reason for changing it. Basically, your hair is not a living thing (although we might give you the opposite impression sometimes), thus it cannot get used to something in that manner. So if you’ve found the right product, our advice is to stick with it!

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