Unsere Shampoos bestehen aus natürlichen und biologischen Inhaltsstoffen, die sanft zu Haar und Natur sind. Bei NATURIGIN gehen wir bei der Qualität der Inhaltsstoffe unserer Shampoos keine Kompromisse ein und haben daher sorgfältig die besten biologischen und zertifizierten Inhaltsstoffe ausgewählt, die für jeden Haartyp geeignet sind.

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Organic shampoo

Alle vores shampooer er økologiske og anvender ingredienser med naturlig oprindelse. Vi er stolte af at kunne sige, at alle vores produkter er certificeret af både Svanemærket og The Vegan Trademark.

Med økologisk shampoo får du hårplejeprodukter lavet af de reneste ingredienser, der ikke kun plejer dit hår, men også respekterer naturen og miljøet. Vi går langt for at sikre, at vores produkter ikke kun er effektive, men også bæredygtige og ansvarlige i forhold til vores planet.

All our shampoos are organic and use ingredients of natural origin. We are proud to say that all our products are certified by both the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and The Vegan Trademark.

With organic shampoo, you get hair care products made from the purest ingredients that not only care for your hair, but also respect nature and the environment. We go to great lengths to ensure that our products are not only effective, but also sustainable and responsible towards our planet.

Over the past 20 years, we've found the best ingredients for nature. That's why you'll see our shampoos have everything from blueberries, aloe vera to Nordic cotton. All the shampoos are based on Nordic nature, which has been the inspiration behind each product. We believe you can find the perfect shampoo for your hair here, no matter your hair type or hair situation.

Sulfate-free shampoo

If you have a sensitive scalp that gets irritated easily, a sulphate-free shampoo is the perfect solution for you. Sulphates are most commonly used in shampoos to cleanse your scalp of dirt and excess oils. But the problem with chemical sulphates is that they are quite harsh on the scalp. This results in more people experiencing itchy and dry hair, as chemical sulphates can strip all the natural oils from the hair, which is a problem. Hair needs its natural oils as they help to protect and moisturise the hair. It is therefore important to choose a mild shampoo that still washes your hair effectively, but in the right way, without irritating your scalp and hair.

At NATURIGIN, you won't find any chemical sulphates in our shampoos. In addition, all our shampoos are certified Nordic Swan Ecolabelled and vegan, so you can be sure that what you use in your hair is not harmful to your body. Our shampoo is therefore perfect for those with sensitive skin, whether it's sulphate you can't tolerate or perfume.

Shampoo without silicone

All our shampoos are silicone-free. Silicone is an ingredient that can add shine and softness. But the fact is that silicone can irritate your scalp and damage your hair in the long run. The problem with silicone is that it forms an invisible film on your hair and scalp, which can lead to clogged pores. This results in a dry, itchy, flaky scalp and hair that becomes weighed down.

By choosing a silicone-free shampoo, you promote a more airy feeling in your hair. This helps prevent it from feeling heavy or clogged pores, which can inhibit hair growth in the long run. Therefore, we don't recommend using a shampoo with silicone in it if you are prone to hair loss, as it will only worsen the loss in the long run.

Shampoo that suits your hair type

We have a wide range to suit most hair types. Whether you have damaged hair or just want to give your hair some volume. We believe you'll find the perfect shampoo here to help make your hair more manageable, soft and healthy.

Shampoo for curly hair

Do you want to emphasise your curls and be able to define them more? Then our Wake Up Curls shampoo is perfect for you. Our curl shampoo helps cleanse your curly hair without stripping away the natural hair oils that are essential for curls. Curls need the moisturising oils because if curls become dry, the hair will start to frizz and split at the ends. That's why we've created a gentle shampoo that gently cleanses your curls so you can go longer without washing your hair.

Our curl shampoo is made with organic ingredients such as beetroot, aloe vera and cucumber. These ingredients make the shampoo work as a moisturising shampoo, ensuring your curls don't frizz, but remain elastic and well-defined.

Shampoo for thin hair

If your thin hair needs a lift, we recommend Thickness booster shampoo. Our volume shampoo is perfect for those who want to give their hair a lift while cleansing it at the same time. Thin hair tends to get oily quickly, so we've created a volume shampoo that effectively cleanses the scalp without stripping your scalp of its natural oils. What makes our volume shampoo unique is that it helps stimulate hair growth, which triggers the production of new hairs. This will eventually give you thicker hair, which will also give you more volume in the long run.

Volume shampoo contains nourishing ingredients such as blueberries and Nordic cotton, which is what contributes to the production of new hair. It also contains sea salt and rice protein to help strengthen hair and give it a nice lift. With this shampoo, your hair will be more manageable and less flyaway.

Shampoo for coloured hair

Colour-treated hair requires extra care. This is mainly because coloured hair needs a lot of moisture, as hair colour can be hard on the hair and scalp. Therefore, it requires a shampoo with nourishing ingredients that take good care of the colour, hair and scalp.

To give you the best care, we have further developed our colour lock conditioner that you get when you buy our hair colour. It is a gel that is applied to the hair to give it care after the colour has set in the hair. Based on this gel, we developed our Colour lock shampoo. The shampoo is therefore made with aloe vera, sea kale and blueberries. Together, the ingredients soothe the scalp and protect your hair from the sun's rays, wind and weather. The shampoo therefore helps to preserve the colour of your hair and helps to make it more vibrant and shiny.

Shampoo for oily hair

Oily hair is something we all know about. It happens after a few days without washing your hair, for some it happens after 1 day and others after 3, 4 or 5 days. It's very different and for some, it's hard to find a way to get less oily hair. There can be several reasons why your hair gets oily quickly, but styling products and over-washing your hair both contribute to creating oily hair.

Our fragrance-free shampoo helps regulate excess oil production, leaving hair clean and fresh. By removing the excess oil, you give your hair a breath of fresh air as the hair follicles are cleansed.

Shampoo for damaged hair

If you have damaged hair, you'll notice that it breaks easily, has split ends and feels incredibly dry. These symptoms are signs that your hair is lacking necessary nutrients such as protein and vitamins. That's why it's important to have an extra nourishing shampoo to help bring your hair back together. A moisturising shampoo is essential as the damage is often caused by the hair drying out. That's why our Colour Lock is actually the optimal choice for restoring healthy hair.

Many of the damages associated with colouring hair are similar to those that occur when hair is damaged. That's why our Colour Lock shampoo is the perfect choice, as it's rich in protein, moisturising ingredients like aloe vera and forms a protective film that shields against external influences like wind and weather. With a thin protective film, hair can take a break and grow strong again.

Shampoo for irritated scalp

If you suffer from an irritated scalp, it's important to choose a mild and gentle shampoo. A shampoo without fragrances or other potentially irritating ingredients such as silicones, chemical sulphates and parabens is important. That's why our fragrance-free shampoo is a great choice for a shampoo that respects your scalp with an effective and gentle wash.

What ingredients should you avoid in shampoo?

The ingredients we recommend you avoid in shampoo are chemical sulphates, parabens, silicone and artificial colours. All of these ingredients can be harmful to both your hair and the environment. If you have allergies to fragrances, it's important to choose a fragrance-free shampoo.

How often should I wash my hair?

We recommend washing your hair 2-3 times a week, and this applies to all hair types.

How much shampoo to use

We recommend using approximately 8 ml of shampoo twice if you have long hair (that's about the equivalent of a small handful). When our shampoo starts to foam, your hair is clean. Make sure to rinse out all the shampoo well so that no residue remains in your hair.

Which shampoo should I use?

It all depends on your hair type. You can read more about each hair type further up the page. But here's a short summary of what's on the whole page.

If you have thin and fine hair, you can choose our volumising shampoo, Thickness booster. This shampoo adds body and cleanses the hair without weighing it down.

If you have coloured hair, our Colour Lock shampoo is the right choice. This shampoo contains ingredients that help preserve colour and protect your hair from external damage.

If you have curly hair, our Wake Up Curls shampoo is the right choice. This shampoo is designed to revitalise your curls with a conditioning and nourishing formula.