NATURIGIN-Haarprodukte sind perfekt für alle, die sich eine gesunde und natürlichere Pflege wünschen. Unser Sortiment umfasst Haarstyling und Haarpflege, allesamt zertifizierte Produkte aus sorgfältig ausgewählten Inhaltsstoffen, die Ihr Haar nähren und seine natürliche Schönheit hervorheben.

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Organic hair care

Organic hair care from NATURIGIN is made with certified organic ingredients and extracts. These ingredients replace most chemical additives like ammonia and parabens that can have a detrimental effect on your hair over time. Organic hair care is therefore a healthier, chemical-free alternative that provides a gentle treatment for your hair and scalp. Treat your hair with organic and caring products from NATURIGIN.

Hair care for damaged and frizzy hair

Well-groomed and healthy hair is something most people want to have. That's why it's hugely frustrating when your hair always looks frizzy, worn or brittle no matter what you do. If this characterises your hair too, there's no need to panic. We've put together a guide on how to treat and transform damaged and frizzy hair.

Damaged hair

If you're experiencing split ends and stiff or broken hair, it's a sign that your hair is damaged. It sounds bad, but don't worry, damaged hair can be minimised and repaired with the right hair care routine. Regular care is key to healthy, beautiful hair, so start your new routine with the products you use most often: shampoo and conditioner. When you have damaged hair, it's important that your shampoo and conditioner contain nourishing ingredients that can help rebuild strength and moisturise your hair. That's why we recommend our Colour Lock range, made with certified organic ingredients like aloe vera, beach cabbage and blueberries. They strengthen the hair from root to tip and close the hair strands, making hair smoother and softer.

If you have curls, you can achieve the same effect by using the Wake Up Curl range from NATURIGIN. The shampoo contains aloe vera, which moisturises and nourishes your curls, leaving them elastic and well cared for. Our conditioner is also moisturising and has heat protection properties to care for your split ends. Finally, use our Wake Up Curl Cream to soften and seal the outer layer of your hair.

If your split ends and broken strands are caused by heat damage, there is a solution. Before using a blow dryer, straightener or curling iron, apply a heat protection product. Here you can use our Breakage Stop Thermal Protector. Made with organic beetroot, it forms a shield around the hair and prevents heat damage during styling.

How to tame frizzy hair

Frizzy and electric hair is something many of us struggle with, especially during the colder months when the low temperatures dry out hair and skin. The hair's outer layer, the cuticle, protects the hair and makes it more resistant to heat, wind and weather. However, when hair becomes dry, the cuticle layer opens up and becomes rough on the surface. As a result, the hair strands can't retain their natural oils and moisture levels drop.

The key to less frizzy hair is therefore moisture. There are several ways you can introduce it into your hair routine. First of all, you can use a moisturising and gentle shampoo. NATURIGIN Colour Lock Shampoo is ideal here, as it acts as a moisturising hair care product that rebuilds and strengthens your hair. If your scalp is sensitive, we also offer fragrance-free shampoos that are more gentle.

Dernæst skal du være opmærksom på, hvor ofte du vasker håret. Hyppig hårvask fjerner naturlige olier fra hovedbunden, og det varme vand udtørrer håret, hvilket bidrager til et kruset look. Skru lidt ned for temperaturen og lad dit hår lufttørre. 

After washing your hair, you can either use a leave-in conditioner or a serum. A leave-in conditioner moisturises the ends and is a great styling tool to tame frizzy hair. Here you can use NATURIGIN Leave-in Conditioner, which is made with antioxidant berries and Nordic core wool to protect your hair and leave it soft and shiny.

The other option is to use a moisturising serum such as our Hydrating Serum. It contains a rich combination of vitamin E, fatty acids and antioxidants to leave hair softer and shiny. The ingredient argan oil also treats split ends and tames frizz. Apply a few drops to the ends of damp or dry hair.

Enjoy your refreshed hair!

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