The day is about love, so why not do something lovely for yourself? If you need any ideas for activities and hairstyles that fit the occasion, read below.

Once upon a time in the ancient roman history, a young man called Valentine went behind the emperor Claudius’ back. Claudius had forbidden marriage between young couples, because he needed the men for his army, but Valentine defied Claudius and continued to marry the young lovers in secret. Valentine got caught, and the emperor Claudius ordered that Valentine should be put to death. Valentine fel in love, while he was imprisoned, with a young girl who visited him during his confinement. Before Valentine’s death, he wrote her a love letter signed “from your Valentine”.

The heroic and romantic gesture by St. Valentine, is the reason why billions of people eat chocolate hearts, buy flowers, and declare their love to that special someone on February 14. Well whether you love or hate the concept, the day is a good excuse to do some extra. If St. Valentine could sacrifice his life for love, I bet you can find the energy and time to “love yourself”. Eat that cake you’ve been thinking about all week, dye your hair and fix your nails, call your mother and say you love her, buy a gift for your special someone or drink champagne with your best friends.

We all have different ways to “self-care” and this hair log, will inspire you with some activities and a hairstyle that fits the occasion.

Classy and elegant

Well, let’s start with the classic one. If you have someone special who invited you out on v-day, but you are frustrated because you are going straight from work to the dinner (because v-day is a weekday) then watch our ideas for a hairstyle that works behind the desk and behind the dinner table.

A high or low ponytail always work, but you can also make a classy and elegant messy bun or a romantic braid?

Movie Night

Going out for a movie with your best friend or boyfriend? Here is some more relaxed but yet stylish hairstyles for v-day.

Girls night out

Champagne, girl talk and dressing up, is also a very good idea for a self-care day whether you are single or taken. This kind of v-day activity requires a good hairstyle, and it is ok, to do something extra 😉

Slicked back hair, fancy messy bun or curls are my favorites hairstyles for a night out with the girls.


All right, this one is my favourite activity when I need self-care, a spa day. Do your nails, peel you skin, take a long shower, and maybe colour your hair. Well, this one doesn’t need any special hairstyle, but instead watch our video, if you’re considering colouring your hair

The list of activities is endless: work-out with your friend, spend the time with your kids, cook a nice dinner for someone, and so on. I hope you can find the energy to do something good for yourself that makes you happy. Love yourself, and as always I wish you a good hair day.

Best regards Mollie // NATURIGIN