And it’s here: The most romantic time of the year is here and you must celebrate it sustainably! 

 We’ll give you the best tips to enjoy this Valentine’s day to the fullest while taking good care of our planet.

A true celebration of love must include self-love, don’t you think? And in that note, we’ve written about awesome ways to give yourself some love in this romantic festivity here.

But if you are looking for the most sustainable tips to share this day with your other half, take a look at the suggestions we have for you…


Experiences allow you to create memories that remain with you forever. Instead of buying a present that your boyfriend/girlfriend might even not like, you can think of something that you both enjoy doing and gift that.

You can go for a picnic at the park or to travel to the nearest beach and learn how to surf, or even climb the nearest mountain together. Everyone knows that adventures can be super romantic, go for it!


A Valentine’s day without chocolate is simply not possible, right? But you can find thousands of different types of chocolate, including some that are not very environmentally friendly or socially fair.

This year, go for a more responsible (yet, not less delicious) choice and pick organic Fair Trade chocolates. 

We can suggest this one… Delightful chocolate that complies with strict environmental and social standards and comes in a beautiful, 100% recyclable package!



Show some love for your sweetheart by offering a complete organic hair care routine. You’ll show that you care for her/his hair health and shine, while you care for the planet.

NATURIGIN hair care products are made with certified organic ingredients and we are 100% sure that you’ll fall in love with your hair after you use it!


Instead of buying a standard flower bouquet with bright plastic wrapping, we suggest you go the extra mile and pick some beautiful wildflowers yourself. 

Once you have them, let your creativity flow and create a stunning bouquet avoiding plastic or non-sustainable glitter like this one. You’ll impress your valentine while caring for the environment.

If you cannot find wildflowers, you can also buy local flowers in the flower shop or in the nearest farmer’s market. Buying locally assures, amongst other benefits, lower levels of CO2 emissions.


By now, everyone knows the benefits of eating more plant-based meals for the planet. Likewise, everyone knows that vegetarian and vegan food can be super delicious too!  

So, even if you still don’t follow a vegetarian/vegan diet regularly, this Valentine’s day go for a more sustainable meal and visit a plant-based restaurant.

A great tool to find vegetarian/vegan restaurants near you and read other people’s experiences about them is Tripadvisor.


If your special person’s love language really calls for an actual present but you still want to follow your low-impact Valentine’s day, we suggest you shop locally.

Look for local artists and artisans that source their raw materials regionally or that are upcycling used materials and objects. 

We’re sure you’ll find something beautiful that you’ll make your girlfriend/boyfriend happy, and simultaneously help the planet.

 And that’s it! Thank you for reading our suggestions and we hope they turn out to be useful 😀

 Have a lovely Valentine’s day! 

// The NATURIGIN team